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Christie Mountain Fire Update and getting prepared.

The most recent press conference was live via the City of Penticton's Facebook page at noon. CTV has coverage that can be found here.

My main takeaways from the press conference:

  • Stay away from the area. Apparently a few mountain bikers were spotted in the area. Stay off the roads and keep Skaha Lake clear.

  • Main concern: burning embers travelling in the wind. Watch for spot fires.

  • Chief Watkinson feels that this fire is well resourced and support via mutual aid agreements are here and active.

  • There have been trigger points set up in the upper bluffs. If the fire gets there, the evacuation alert will become an evacuation order in Penticton.

  • Today, first responders are setting up 'wet lines' in the alert area which will increase the relative humidity.

It is critical that we are all prepared. Today, please:

Download • 532KB

Stay safe, alert and informed. Report any potential spot fires immediately to 911.

Thank you,

Riley Gettens, Director

Email is down at the RDOS. I can be reached anytime at 250-488-0246.


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