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Metal Storage Container Regulation

Updated: May 4, 2020

Currently, our Zoning Bylaws do not address metal storage containers, and that is causing some conflict which is why the RD is looking to introduce new regulations

Quick Bylaw 101

Regional District boards may only make decisions by bylaw or resolution. Bylaws are laws that formalize rules established by a regional district or council. A Zoning Bylaw is a shared set of rules that everyone has to follow. This protects citizens from conflicting land uses in their community. For example, if you own property in an area zoned for residential use, you cannot build an oil refinery but neither can your neighbours, nor anyone else with the same zone. Zoning Bylaws are legally enforceable. 

Changes to the Zoning Bylaw happen when citizens, Regional District planners or directors see that there are types of buildings, businesses or activities that people want but are not allowed. Alternatively, changes to a Zoning Bylaw happen when citizens, planners or directors see a new use or trend that is causing a conflict which could be mitigated through regulation (a bylaw). The Board is looking at metal storage containers because they are becoming more prevalent, and staff are hearing concerns from residents.

How does the DRAFT Zoning Bylaw Amendment impact Area "F"?

Resource Area (min. 20 ha), Agricultural (min. 10 ha), Large Holdings (min. 4 ha) and Industrial Zones would be permitted storage containers. Storage containers may only be stacked vertically to a maximum of two containers and require a building permit. 

Low Density Residential and Small Holdings (the majority of Greater West Bench, Sage Mesa, Faulder and North Beach) would be permitted one (1) metal container. The container must be clad in a material consistent with the principal building (house) and a roof with a pitch consistent with the principal building. In essence, it could no longer look like a temporary metal container. Instead, it would have to look like a permanent accessory building.

Finally, it is being proposed that temporary containers be permitted during construction in any zone, subject to a building permit having been issued. 

Bylaw Enforcement

Finally, local governments often establish bylaw enforcement policies to guide their staff and clarify for the public the general approach taken to bylaw enforcement in that community. Here is the link to the RDOS bylaw enforcement procedure.

If you have comments, feedback or ideas to improve this new regulation, please email me or Chris Garrish, RDOS Planning Manager. Include your full name and residential address. Emails will be shared with the Board which means they will be public.

Thank you,



Christopher Garrish 

Planning Manager


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Bruce Turnbull
Bruce Turnbull
May 14, 2020

If this gets approved, which I hope it does not, what is the punishment should a resident that puts a container on his property and does not follow the Bylaw and clad and roof the structure?


Bruce Turnbull
Bruce Turnbull
Apr 25, 2020

So what is the actual size of a low density holding? Our lot is .13 ha which is pretty much what the lot sizes are in Westwood Properties. Would like to know if this is classified as low density Residential and small holdings.

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