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Park Space - update

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May 7, 2024

Blog Post: who pays for the park?

February 8, 2024 - Park Development Update

At the 20240208 Board Meeting, staff were directed to move forward with option one, KVR Rail Trail adjacent to Right of Way at Kettle Place.


Thank you to everyone for the feedback and comments on the two options; it is very appreciated. Thank you to Laura and Amanda (local members of the Area Parks Commission) for your excellent insights and leadership. 

I have heard a great deal from citizens and, as a result, question if the majority of Faulder/Meadow Valley citizens are in favour of any park space.  See the note in red below.

With creative thinking and community input, the KVR Trailhead location offers a unique opportunity to leverage the existing KVR trail and could provide play structures for kids and a space for neighbours to meet. 

As an example of a potential play structure,  included is a photo from Selby Park in West Bench.   

Next Steps: 


  • RDOS staff will apply to the province to extend the existing partnership for the area.

  • Once staff have heard back, the RDOS Community Services and Communications teams will engage with the community (likely via an online survey) for input on how the space can best be used. Sign up for Voyent Alert

  • Note: This will also be when citizens can confirm that they do not favour any park/play space.  In this case, I would advise that the communities work with the RDOS Corporate Officer and remove themselves from the Area F Parks and Recreation Service.  If this is the option citizens want, more information will be provided. 

  • The anticipated timeline is 0 - 16 months (it depends on when we can hear back from the province).

We will keep you posted as we go along. 



Call or email anytime,



January 2024 - Park Development Update

  • The board will receive the report from staff at the first meeting in February.  This report will recommend that the board direct staff to start the application process for the Fish Lake Road location. 

  • Once the application is active and looking positive (12 months or so), the RDOS Community Services and Communications team will lead a community engagement process (the fun part – designing the space) : )

December 20243 - Faulder and Meadow Valley Community Park Update

Thank you to Laura and Amanda, Faulder/Meadow Valley citizens volunteering on the Area F Parks and Recreation Commission. They have made huge strides for their communities over the last year. 


The RDOS owns limited land in Faulder and Meadow Valley.  The land that the RDOS does own is used for the water infrastructure and would not be suitable for a community space. However, Crown Land and an existing RDOS and Province partnership are at the KVR trailhead. Over the last year, Laura and Amanda worked with RDOS staff and identified two sites as potential play/park spaces in Faulder/Meadow Valley. 

  1. KVR Rail Trail and adjacent Right of Way at Kettle Place

  2. District Lot 2558, 200-300 block of Fish Lake Road 

After reviewing the pros and cons list for each site (see below), citizen volunteers informed the RDOS that option #2, District Lot 2558, 200-300 block of Fish Lake Road, was the preferred location for a community park.  The application process will take at least a year, allowing time to collect community input on what structures should be in the park. 

RDOS staff have compiled a pros and cons list for each site (see attachment below).  


If your interested in being part of the community, please connect with Faulder and Meadow Valley's commission volunteers (Laura and Amanda), consider volunteering on the commission, connect with RDOS staff (contact info below), or me (contact info below).  


Investment in community spaces, parks, or recreation is initiated by the citizens' voice. It is fantastic to have two solid and dedicated Faulder/Meadow Valley voices at the table - that is how the work of the Parks Commission is driven. Laura and Amanda are doing an outstanding job, and the Area F Commission looks to Laura and Amanda for direction on behalf of Faulder and Meadow Valley citizens 

I am happy to answer any questions ( or 250-488-0246).

Mark Woods, the RDOS Senior Manager of Community Services, is also available at  

Thank you for reading,


Riley Gettens, Electoral Area "F" Director

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