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Faulder and Meadow Valley Community

KVR Repair - update

December 8, 2023 - update

The RDOS completed the design phase, including structural plans for two bridges and civil design for a new trail section, funded through a trails grant in 2020. The purpose is to have an approved, shovel-ready plan in place so the RDOS can apply for grants to support the work. This is a significant project on land owned by the province and requires provincial support.

The project is paused until the Province completes their review and approval.  

In early 2023, the RDOS applied for the REDIP Grant. Unfortunately, the RDOS was unsuccessful. The granting agency explained that grants could only be successful once the Province signs off on the project. For this reason, the RDOS is optimistic that grant funding may be available once approvals from the Province have been received.


The RDOS Senior Manager of Community Services, Mark Woods, is actively discussing options with ADM to move this project forward.  For more information or if you have more questions about this project, please contact Mr. Woods at or 250-490-4132


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