Riley Gettens

Director, Electoral Area "F"

My name is Riley Gettens and I am the Director for Area "F" of the RDOS.  I am married, have been for almost 20 years, to Grant and we have two incredible boys Chay who is 15 and attends Princess Margaret and Jase who is 13 and attends Skaha Lake Middle School.  Both boys attended West Bench Elementary from kindergarten to grade five.


We chose to move to WB in 2007. And when I say chose, I mean we really chose.  Grant is from Sydney, and we could have moved anywhere in Australia or Canada - and we chose here.


We chose here because it is pretty magical.  For us, the magic was 3.5 acres within walking distance of an elementary school and a 10-minute drive to beautiful little City surround by all of the beauty that the Okanagan offers.  


It was the best decision we have ever made and we have never looked back.  



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