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Area "F" Update

Metal Storage Containers Zoning Review

The metal container bylaw has passed the board's third reading and will proceed to a public hearing.

The proposed bylaw prohibits metal storage containers on all parcels in the Greater West Bench Low Density Residential (RS5) zone. Containers are permitted during construction with a valid building permit or for a period not exceeding 30 days for loading or unloading goods.


The first public engagement process began in 2020 and confirmed that many in the Greater West Bench had concerns about the long-term use of metal storage containers.

The second public engagement process was in November and December 2021. 60% of the feedback on the proposed bylaw came from Area "F" (predominantly from the Westwood subdivision) and were opposed. Several comments indicated that parcel size was an issue.

In Lower West Bench, properties are generally larger and vary in size, topography, shape, slope, etc. It is possible, and there are current examples, that a container placed on a larger property could still negatively impact neighbours.

If a property owner requires a metal storage container long-term, there is always the variance permit process. This process ensures that neighbours can weigh in before the container is placed.. There is a cost ($400).

This bylaw has been in the process since early 2020. Here, you can view all of the reports, feedback, public hearings, etc. The Public Hearing date is to be determined.

The board passed the second reading. Area F is looking at a 3.33% increase overall. How that will impact your tax bill depends on which part of Area "F" you reside. The third and final reading is schedule for March 3. Please share any concerns/questions with me before then.

Meadow Aquifer Study

The contract was awarded to Associated Environmental Consultants Inc. for $79,913 + $20,000 for contingency. This data will help inform the Faulder Zone Review.


Thank you to our liaison officer, Sgt Baylis.

Greater West Bench is so close to Penticton that our 911 calls are part of Penticton's stats. However, Sgt. Baylis goes above and beyond and breaks them out for us. Thank you for that, Sgt Baylis.

For Q4 2021, Penticton recorded 4680 calls. 28 of those calls were for Greater West Bench ( or 0.59% of the call volume). Property crime is the most reported issue (7 calls). Please continue to call in emergencies and record issues. The data is important.

Overall, we are fortunate to live in such a great area. However, we are not immune, and we need to make sure our homes, cars, barns, sheds, bikes, etc. are secured. As the weather warms up, property crime tends to increase. If you haven't already, please register your bike with 529 Garage. It helps get stolen bikes back to their owners.


Last Tuesday was an online Public Information Meeting on the Environmental Sensitivity Development Permits review. Thank you to all who attended. Please take a look and submit feedback as soon as you can to me at and/or the

Thank you for reading. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Cheers! Riley



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