• Riley Gettens

Densification in Faulder and Meadow Valley

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

I still have work to do to better engage with Faulder and Meadow Valley residents. I am working on it and will continue to do so. See you Thursday!

However, I have heard from Faulder and Meadow Valley representatives while sitting on the OCP committee. I have read each of the comments provided on the OCP surveys and have since heard from a few current residents.

Faulder and Meadow Valley concerns on subdivision include protecting the area’s water supply and quality and maintaining large parcel areas to protect agricultural land and rural character.

Policies in the OCP to support this vision for Faulder/Meadow Valley include directing the board to work with IH to ensure high-quality drinking water and will support protecting water in the area. The board will also discourage subdivision to maintain rural character however, the board will support the development of commercial uses in Faulder to meet community need (subject to appropriate services). Supports maintaining and enhancing the farming lifestyle in Meadow Valley and will only consider agricultural uses in the area.

These are important policies. I am keen for more face-to-face meetings with Faulder and Meadow Valley residents to learn more. And another reason why an Advisory Planning Commission is critical.

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