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FireSmart Reminder

The best thing about being FireSmart is how easy it is.

The homes that are prepared are the homes left standing.

Thankfully, there are simple steps you can take to drastically reduce your property's risk.

Make sure to download the full homeowners guide to how to FireSmart your property.

Few tips to get you started this long weekend:

Clean your roof and gutters. Trim any branches overhanging on to your roof. Embers will look to jump on to home, so don't give them anything to catch fire on.

Move firewood and propane 10-30 metres away from your home. Don't let fire come to your door. Keep your grass cut to below 10cm, and move anything that can be fuel for the fire a safe 10-30 meters distance from your home.

Have a wildfire evacuation plan within your household. Don't wing it. Having a simple evacuation plan is easy to do, and makes a world of difference.

For more tips, visit here.


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