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Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas, a restful break and a joyful New Year's. My parents were here for a visit. It was really great to spend some quality family time with them - we don't get to seem the often enough.

The past six weeks, for me, have been incredible. Since being sworn in on November 15th, RDOS Directors have attended nine full-day board meetings, workshops or planning sessions, individual RDOS staff and community member meetings, committee specific meetings, along with a valley-wide Good Governance and Council Orientation. To ensure efficient use of our time around the board table each Director, so far, has been responsible for reviewing well over a thousand pages of information from budget updates to mosquito control.

I have loved every minute of it.

It has been incredibly interesting to learn more about the other Areas in our region and see the commitment, intelligence and heart that my fellow Directors have brought to the table. I know that we won't agree on everything but I have no doubt that the decisions made, will be made by people who care a great deal about the Okanagan-Similkameen Region as a whole and the individual Areas they represent. The RDOS staff have also been outstanding.

I am happy to report that I was appointed to represent the RDOS Board at the BC Rural Centre with Director Obirek as my Alternate and at the Okanagan Film Commission with Director Holmes as my Alternate. I will also serve as Vice Chair for the Community Services and Environment and Infrastructure Committees.

More great news is that Heather Allen, one of the most community-minded and intelligent people I know, has agreed to be my Alternate for Director for Area "F". So, if anything was ever to happen to me, Area "F" would be in very very good hands!

We have our first board meeting of the year on January 3rd. Much of our time, so far, has been spent on the 2019 budget and Strategic Planning. The RDOS Chief Financial Officer has offered to co-host area-specific meetings to discuss the budget. I am hoping to confirm, this week, the date(s) for the meeting(s) (aiming for end of January) and have also invited our new Community Policing Coordinator to attend. I will confirm the date with everyone ASAP. I know there were some criminal activities in the Greater West Bench area over the Christmas break and I am looking forward to discussing the different options with you all.

Thank you for reading and of course if you have any questions or comments, they are always welcome.




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