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Question #4 - Home industry/commercial use of properties and an ACP.

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

The actual wording of the question depended on who I was talking to (and what type of industry was happening around them). But it is safe to say that people in the Greater West Bench area were asking about extra-large garages, commercial vehicle(s) storage, and commercial industry.

Protecting the Rural Character of Area F is a shared priority of the majority of residents in Faulder, Meadow Valley, and Greater West Bench. It is also a priority of mine and if elected, one of the first tasks I would initiate is the establishment of an Advisory Planning Commission.

"The role of an Advisory Planning Commission (APC) is to provide input on matters relating to land use planning and management at the local government level.  That input is given as advice, and does not form policy or set direction for the local government.  At RDOS, electoral area directors may choose to establish an APC within their jurisdiction. An APC is not mandatory". More information can be found here on the RDOS website.

An APC of knowledgable residents that is representative of all the communities within Area F should be, in my opinion, mandatory. An Advisory Planning Commission ensures that matters relating to land use and management are reviewed by a collective, a commission. Area F has been fortunate to have an experienced and committed APC. All of whom, unfortunately, are retiring once Director Brydon's term is finished.

I attended an APC meeting in early October. The APC had been asked by the Board to review an variance application. At the meeting, the property owner attended and explained his vision. An RDOS staff member was there to reiterate and answer questions around the zoning bylaws. The Advisory Planning Commission reviewed the application, discussed with the property owner and sent their recommendation back to the Board. It isn't easy saying 'no' to someone's dream but, the APC honoured the Official Community Plan and recommended to decline the variance. The final decisions lies with the Board.

If elected, I will commit to:

  • establishing a representative Advisory Planning Commission. I believe the APC is key to keeping the development in/of Area F communities aligned with the vision and aspirations set out in the Official Community Plan.

  • Further investigate the prohibition of home industries in the Greater West Bench areas as part of the Zoning Bylaws update as per section of the OCP.

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