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Question #5 - Densification within the Greater West Bench area... yay or nay?

My take: subdividing existing residential parcels*, would negatively impact the rural ambiance that so many residents value. However in-law suites/carriage houses, when done well, do not run the same risk to a community's character/ambiance.

(Faulder/Meadow Valley densification post is here.)

In order to re-examine the prohibition of in-law suites and carriage houses, we would need to look at an upgraded geotechnical study. Once the study is completed and if the soil stability can support this type of densification, we as a community can further discuss the possibilities and parameters. Is there a minimum parcel size? Maximum bedrooms, maximum carriage house square footage, parking, etc.


There are currently a few properties on the Greater West Bench that are over 5 acres (2 hectares). Because we are not on sewer, the ‘one-hectare’ rule put in place by the Province stands. The ‘one-hectare rule’ states that in order to install a new septic system, the parcel must be at least one-hectare (2.5 acres). Existing systems are grandfathered in.

I would like the hear your thoughts on allowing properties to subdivide if they can meet the one-hectare rule. As an example someone with 7 acres could, I am assuming, subdivide two lots at 2.5 acres each and grandfather the remaining 2 acres to the original septic system. Is this something the community would consider? I'm curious to hear from the property owners as well... is this viable?


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