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Proposed amendments to Environmentally Sensitive Development Permits (ESDPs)- rescinded and abandoned.

Many of you know that an ongoing discussion has been about removing ESDPs from private property (deemed environmentally sensitive) for various reasons. This has been a lengthy board conversation (since 2020), as the ESDP process has a lot of room for improvement.

However, virtually no public support existed for removing the development permit requirement on environmentally sensitive private land. Nor did we have the support of any of the neighbouring jurisdictions, the provincial/federal governments, or any nonprofit environmental organization.

Today I asked to have the proposed changes (removal of the ESDP) dropped, ESDPs stay as they are, the board put the ESDP process on the strategic planning agenda for 2025, and the board readjust the approach to improve a process that helps protect sensitive ecosystems rather than dispose of the process altogether. The board voted in favour five to three.

  • You can watch today's debate here.

  • More info on ESDPs in general is here.

  • More info on ESDP review here.

Thank you to everyone who has written in and attended the information sessions and the Public Hearing on December 21. It was very beneficial to hear from you.

Images of Area F. Pink = ESDP zones.


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