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RCMP Q2 Report, 529 Garage and Selby Park speed limit.

The RCMP attended our Board meeting on August 19. Calls from Area "F" for service are down quite a bit from last year (39 compared to 67 in Q2 2020). Total calls to the Penticton RCMP for Q2 is 5,060. Area F accounts for .77% of those calls for service. We may be seeing a decrease in property crime due to COVID and fewer travellers coming through. If you'd like to review the RCMP report in full, you can find it here on page 23.

If you have not registered your bike on 529 Garage, please do so. I just did and it was quick and easy. Have your serial number (usually on the bottom of the frame) and a few photos ready to upload. RCMP members will check bikes that are being used by prolific offenders and scan the serial numbers. If your bike is in the database, it could help you get your bike back if it is stolen.

Finally, we should be seeing regulation speed signs in Selby Park soon. This means that 30km/hours is no longer a suggestion but an enforceable speed limit. Thank you to the community members across from this park who kept this issue front and centre.

Cheers and have a great weekend.


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