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Soil Removal and Deposition Bylaw

Currently, Greater West Bench does not have a bylaw to regulate soil removal or deposition. In 2019, I asked staff to develop a board report on managing the removal and depositing of soil for non-ARL lands in the RDOS. You can read the staff report at the bottom of this page.

When staff brought forward the report, the board was advised that the work plan for 2020 was at capacity. However, the issue is slated for review this year. Funds and staff time have been committed within Area F’s Rural Projects budget to do just that.

Some considerations:

  • Gullies and other environmentally sensitive development permit areas are not protected against soil deposition as long as the property owner intends to use the land for agriculture.

  • Areas B (Cawston) and G (Keremeos) have a bylaw that prohibits soil deposits outside Area B and G boundaries. This bylaw is subject to several exemptions like agriculture or road construction purposes.

Please note, this bylaw will not have any impact on the operation of the gravel pits or their vehicles.

Staff report starts on page 471.

Download PDF • 41.02MB

Thank you for reading. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

Cheers, Riley or 250-488-0246


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