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Update: Yellow tags on some garbage bins

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Update: October 19

The RDOS has been advised by its service provider, Waste Connections Canada (WCC), that curbside garbage carts are exceeding the maximum allowable weight and volume regulations as per its contract. This resulted in some carts being tagged last week without receiving pick up throughout the service areas of Electoral Areas A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I and the Village of Keremeos.

The maximum allowable garbage cart size for semi-automated lift trucks is one 240L cart each week. This is to ensure that drivers are able to lift and manage loads safely. WCC has recently undertaken an internal audit due to injuries and an increase to the number of trucks on the road. It was discovered that the size of some curbside garbage carts are much larger than the contract allows for, as many garbage bins were 360L in size (with a bar half way up the front) and some over the 57 kgs (125 lbs) limit. Area Curbside Calendars state under the heading “Garbage”, the weekly size limit.

In discussion with the service provider, WCC has agreed to permit the use of the oversize 360L bins for residents who are using this size for residential garbage collection, provided that the cart is no more than half-full and the weight does not exceed 57 kg (125 lbs).

For only this week’s garbage collection – October 18 to 22: For those 360 litre carts of garbage that were tagged by the curbside contractor last week, the curbside contractor, Waste Connections has kindly agreed to pick up all last week’s garbage, including this week’s garbage. Any bags of garbage placed beside the cart, each bag must not weigh more than 25kgs (55lbs).

Starting next week, October 25, any 360L cart being used for garbage must not exceed the half-full limit, and not exceed 57 kgs (125 lbs). Any additional garbage is required to be bagged and labelled with a tag-a-bag sticker. Each additional bag must have its own sticker and be clearly visible for the driver. Extra bags cannot exceed 25 kg (55 lbs) and should be placed next to the garbage bin, as bags inside the cart may exceed the weight restriction resulting in uncollected garbage. However, if placing one extra tagged bag of garbage in the cart, the weight must not exceed 79kgs (175 lbs). Tag-a-bag stickers are priced at $1.50 each and each rural curbside calendar states where to purchase tag-a-bag stickers.

Please note that the 360 Litre cart (with the bar half way up the front) is the maximum cart size acceptable for household recycling only, and recycling is unlimited. Existing customers using a 360 Litre cart for garbage may use this cart size for recycling. If your existing cart size for recycling is a 240 Litre size, you may use one-240 L for garbage instead of the 360 Litre. If the 240L color is blue, clearly label it as garbage. RDOS provides “Recycling” Labels for non-blue recycling carts/containers. All carts designed for the semi-automated lift must have a metal bar half way up the front.


Hi all,

A number of citizens did not have their garbage removed on Thursday and instead had a yellow tag saying the bin is too large.

RDOS is working on this.

It has to do with the RD's waste collection contractor and an recent internal audit due to increases of staff injuries. The RDOS is negotiating a fix that will hopefully allow citizens to keep their bins. More information to come. I believe there is a double pick of waste next week or citizens can call the waste hotline 250-490-4129 if you need to drop off your waste before next Thursday.

Once all the details are sorted, I'll update this post.


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