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​Here is the public transit history that I can gather from chatting with RDOS staff and past Director Brydon's blog: 

  • The Greater West Bench had a bus route as some point... perhaps in the 90s? But, the service was discontinued.  

  • The community revisited the issue in 2006 when BC Transit conducted a local Transit Study.   

  • In 2008, an Area "F" resident survey assessed the willingness of residents to pay for public transit.

  • In 2010 a Regional Citizen Survey was completed.   

  • Both surveys demonstrated support for public transit service.   

  • In 2011, BC Transit required a 'Transit Future Plan' for future transit expansions.  The RDOS hired a transportation planning consultant to complete a Regional Transit Review. 

  • 2015, the 'Transit Future Plan' was completed and Greater West Bench Transit Service could be placed in the queue for extended services.  

  • 2019, Greater West Bench / Sage Mesa is now at the top of the queue with BC Transit. 

If you enjoying reviewing old surveys, the ones referred above are attached below. : )


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