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2020 Budget - Public Consultation

As you most likely know, the 2020 Budget passed the first reading at the January 9th Board meeting.  The purpose of passing the first reading is to initiate the public consultation process.

For the first time, the RDOS Communications team put together Area-specific budget review videos.  The goal is to provide more opportunity for residents to review the RDOS budget and provide feedback to their Area's Director. 

Here is the link to the Area "F" Budget review. You can search for the other Area videos on YouTube.

This video will replace the public consultation meetings for Greater West Bench, Sage Mesa and North Beach. We will have a public meeting (in-person) for Faulder and Meadow Valley (Jan. 28) as high-speed internet is not widely available in those ares.

Here is the link to the complete RDOS 2020 budget documents.

As it stands now,

  • The 2020 RDOS total tax requisition will see an overall increase of $1,137,266 (or 5.97%) taking the 2020 tax requisition to $20,202,067 from $19,064,801 in 2019.  

Area "F" is responsible for 6.61% of the overall tax requisition or $1,335,116.  For Area "F" this represents a $3.06% increase from 2019.  On average (and if your house is worth the average $606,240) that works out to a $35.19 increase/house.

However, not all Area "F" residents pay for all the same services.  Those living in Sage Mesa do not pay into the Faulder water system.  North Beach residents will not pay into Greater West Bench public transit. RDOS tax requisition 'averages' are generalities, at best. 

The following are numbers that are specific to Area "F"

  • The budget shared across the region (all electoral areas and municipalities) includes services like the 911 emergency call system, government admin., mosquito control, regional transit (not Area-specific transit), environment conservation fund.... etc.  These different budgets have total increase of 5.2% or $17,933.  The total for 2020 is $363,084. 

  • Area "F" or subregional budgets such as Parks Commission, West Bench Transit, Faulder Water System, Fire Protection (Greater West Bench), Rural Projects, etc. has increased 1.88% or $15,631.  The amount is $847,119 for 2020.  Again, you will only pay for the services from which you benefit.

  • West Bench Water System will see no increases to the flat fee. However, West Bench buys their water from the City of Penticton. Since the City raised their rates 5.13%, West Bench rates will increase as well. This will means that rate per cubic meter will be $0.389 up from $0.370.

  • Faudler, your water system is paid via your tax requisition. There is a 1.8% increase.

If you do have any feedback, comments or concerns please email me directly me before February 9th, 2020.   I would appreciate your comments via email so that I can respond to or, if necessary, forward your question to the appropriate staff person for more information. 

If you do not have email, please feel free to call me at 250-488-0246. 

Again, feedback must be submitted by February 9th as the second reading of the budget is scheduled for February 20th, 2020 with the third and final reading on March 5th, 2020.  

Thank you for reading and comments here are always welcome.




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