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Sage Mesa Water System Fact Sheet

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

2202 09 01 | Update

The conversation between the Sage Mesa Water System owner and the RDOS has been ongoing for many years. I can report that discussions are continuing and are very positive. The system owner (and representatives) and the RDOS have a shared understanding and goal.

I anticipate more news to come on this in the coming months.


June 2019 Fact Sheet

The Sage Mesa Water & Public Service Co. Ltd. is privately owned by the R&K Chapman Joint Partner Trust. It provides water to Sage Mesa, Sandstone, Westwood Properties, Pine Hills Golf Course, WOW Golf Course, and Husula Highlands within Electoral Area “F” of the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS).

While the Sage Mesa Water & Public Service Co. owns the assets and water licenses of the system, the Provincial Comptroller of Water Rights (the “Comptroller”) has taken management of the utility and, for the past ten years, contracted the RDOS to operate the system. The RDOS has no part in planning capital improvements, budget, setting rates, billing, or collecting fees for water on this system.

The Regional District has over the years discussed purchasing the system from the Trustees of the R&K Chapman Trust, and those discussions continue. If a purchase/sale seems imminent, the ratepayers of the system will vote on whether they would support the sale. Prior to the vote, the details of the sale, the plans and the cost of improvements to the system to bring it into compliance with current Interior Health Authority (IHA) standards, would be fully disclosed.

The Regional District is aware that the system infrastructure is deteriorating and at certain times is unable to achieve an acceptable level of water quality. The system is tested regularly and those test results are provided to IHA. If the tests do not meet IHA standards, IHA issues notices or orders for the system. The RDOS then issues the appropriate notification to residents.

Concerns about the condition of the water infrastructure and/or water quality should be registered with the Provincial Comptroller.

Al Aderichin, Water Comptrollers Office:

For information about boil water notices, please contact IHA. Judy Ekkert, Interior Health Authority:

Public or media enquiries about the role of the RDOS as operators of the water system, should be directed to the RDOS Public Works, Manager of Operations: 250-492-0237


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