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2021 Budget

The budget is up for the third reading and adoption on March 18. You can find the latest budget information here. We are currently looking at a 1.79% - 2% increase. The increase you face will depend on the services you pay for. Throughout BC, COVID relief funds were provided to local governments to help with some of the shortfalls caused by the pandemic. The board collectively tried to keep any increases to a minimum. We know that COVID has impacted many of our neighbours, and it looks like we still have a ways to go.

At second reading (a brief overview):

  • Our greatest increase are in the larger regional budgets like General Government, Electoral Area Planning and Building Inspection. These are the budgets that provide regional services and are a weighted vote by the board.

  • Our total regional budget is $395,631 (up from ($365,922 in 2020).

  • Our Area "F" specific budgets are pretty static. Our total Area F budget is $855,606 (down from $856,771 in 2020)

  • Faulder Water, there is no increase.

  • West Bench Water, there is no increase to the parcel tax. But, the City increased their water rates by 6.9%. West Bench Water System rates are tied to the City's rates. However, West Bench Water System ratepayers have been doing an excellent job at using water wisely. Public Works is anticipating a smaller bulk water purchase. With the decrease in the amount of water to be purchased, West Bench water users will see around a 2% increase in their metered water (well done!).

  • Rural Projects are up by $10,000 for the soil deposition/removal and hazard development permit work.

  • Grant in Aide went to Shriners ($100), Nickel Plate ($500), and Oasis ($200).

If you have any questions on the budget or any feedback. Please let me know. You can also watch our new CFO give a more detailed overview on YouTube.

Thank you,




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