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Aggressive Coyotes

Updated: May 4, 2020

RDOS WildSafeBC Community Bulletin May 1, 2020

Recently reports have come into RDOS WildsafeBC about a small group of aggressive coyotes on the KVR trail at the south end of West Bench – just near the barricade/gate area.

The coyotes appear to be behaving in an un-natural fashion with more than one approaching and intimidating dog walkers and hikers. Chances are they are denning close by and feel defensive.

Be extra cautious when recreating along the KVR at this time. Carrying bear spray or dog attack spray can be useful and a non-lethal way to end an altercation if the coyotes come after you or your dog.

Please report all conflicts to the BC Conservation Officer Reporting Line 1-877-952-7277

For more information on coyotes visit:


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