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AIM Roads and a warning to avoid any unnecessary travel over the coming days.

Thank you to everyone making calls to AIM about our roads. AIM can be reached at 1-866-222-4204. AIM's contract is with the Ministry of Transportation (not the Regional District/RDOS). Please share your feedback with your MLA. For Greater West Bench, that is Mr. Ashton and his email is

I received a letter from AIM today with am ALERT/WARNING about the weather forecast for the next 5 - 7 days.

Although the extended forecast is susceptible to change, the current forecast shows unfavourable conditions and can potentially be problematic from a motorist’s perspective.

In the short term, from now until possibly Friday, we expect temperatures to stay well below freezing. Potentially Friday, temperatures begin to warm up towards Sunday. We expect periods of snowfall from Friday to Sunday, and possibly rain or freezing rain as temperatures rise on Sunday/Monday, THIS WILL HAVE MAJOR IMPACTS. The sudden temperature changes and call for rain or freezing rain will make for very challenging road conditions. Pavement temperatures on the highway will remain at colder temperatures and will be prone to flash freezes, side roads that have compact snow will turn to slush.

If you are heading to the coast or Island, please check DriveBC. Ministers Fleming (MoTI) and Ma (Emergency Management) advise against ANY unnecessary travel between tonight (Thursday, Dec. 22) and Saturday due to an incoming and significant storm. Link to story.

Public Weather Alerts | Govt of Canada


Thank you for reading.

Stay safe. Stay warm.



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