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Area "F" Community Association?

Hello friends,

I hope you are all staying well.

So far this site has been used as a way for me to quickly and easily share information with the citizens of Area "F". However, the site can also serve as a way to connect our communities on issues that are important to us all.

As we are approaching spring, I can't help but think about the upcoming wildfire season. Usually, as the weather warms up, we also see an increase in crime. We just completed the draft age-friendly study (Greater West Bench). We can't implement every recommendation but there are some good ideas that we can implement (or at least work towards). We also have two established RDOS commissions, the Advisory Planning and Parks and Recreation Commissions.

Is there a role for a Community Association in Greater West Bench? Faulder and Meadow Valley? North Beach?

Please let me know. If there is interest in meeting throughout the year to work on community projects or initiatives, we will make it happen. Some of the topics we could discuss:

  • Fire Smart

  • Bear Smart

  • Age Friendly recommendations

  • Community Crime Prevention

  • Invasive Species

  • Conservation

  • Grant Writing

  • Community Events and Initiatives

  • Trail and Park Clean Ups

  • Etc.

For many of these topics, excellent resources are available. But we need energy to spread the message and gain momentum. If you are interested in being a community volunteer, please fill out this form, send me an email ( or call 250-488-0246.

You could also consider joining one of the already established RDOS commissions or volunteer programs. There is the Advisory Planning and Parks and Recreation Commissions. There is also a regional-wide volunteer program and the Emergency Support Service program.

It is important to me that I hear from you.

Please, let me know your thoughts.

Thank you!


Riley Gettens

Director, Area "F"


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