• Riley Gettens

Easy way to help fundraise for West Bench Elementary

The West Bench Elementary Parent Advisory Committee now has an account at J & C Bottle Depot located at 200 Rosetown Avenue.

Please support our school's fundraising efforts by donating your recyclables. Earnings will be applied towards a variety of initiatives to support the school, students and staff of West Bench Elementary.

To donate please drop off bagged recyclables at the depot using the Express Kiosk. Tags can be printed off at the kiosk, mailed to your home or print off additional tags at the kiosk for future use. Click here to sign up.

If you have never used the Express kiosk:

  • Bring your containers into the depot in sealed, clear bags and access the Express kiosk to the right of the tills.

  • Enter the account # 250-770-7698 (West Bench Elementary phone number) into the Express kiosk and select the number of tags/bags required.

  • Print sticker. One sticker per bag.

  • Apply one sticker per bag and drop the bags off in the designated Express drop-off bin.

  • Viola! You have now successfully contributed to the West Bench Elementary PAC fundraiser.

On behalf of West Bench Elementary, we thank you.

Please tell your friends and neighbours!

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