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February 2024 Area F Updates

Happy Family Day weekend all,

Please see the following links for recent updates.

  • 2024 Budget - the second reading is this Thursday.

  • Faulder and Meadow Valley citizens, there is a community page on You can view the Faulder Water System updates, volunteer fire brigade ideas, and the potential park/playspace.

  • Encampment on Highway 97. At the last board meeting, both MoTI and RCMP were present. I asked about the next steps on the Highway 97 encampment. Ministries are waiting for Bill 45, which will make things more difficult for local governments. More info in the post.

  • Sage Mesa Culvert System - project update: MoTI puts this system forward as a top priority for funding. Funding will be announced in April (fingers crossed).

    • The initial review for the Sage Mesa Water System Acquisition should be completed by March/April 2024.

Thanks and enjoy the sunshine. Riley


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