• Riley Gettens

Happy Holidays

I hope you are able to spend time sharing a few good laughs (either in person or virtually) with some of your favourite people over the coming days. Take the time to rest and recharge. We've all endured a lot over the past nine months. Be kind to one another and yourself.

Thank you and kudos to RDOS staff. The pandemic wasn't the organization's only challenge in 2020. A significant cyber attack shortly followed by the Christie Mountain fire definitely impacted staff who, throughout it all, demonstrated exceptional professionalism and integrity. There is a pretty great team at the RDOS.

Congratulations to PIB Chief Greg Gabriel and councillors Tim Lezard, Charlene Roberds, Fred Kruger, Dolly Kruger, Vivian Lezard, Lesley Gabriel, Suzanne Johnson and Clint Gabriel on your recent election.

If you have concerns around roaming horses, please report your concern to Band Manager, Joe Johnson, via the PIB Band Office by calling 250-493-0048.

Concerns around road maintenance and snow removal - please reported to AIM by calling 1 866 222 4204 or aimroads@acciona.ca. Rural road maintenance is a provincial responsibility. MLA Dan Ashton would be interested in hearing your feedback. If you do email AIM and don't mind cc'ing Mr. Ashton and myself, that would be great. MoTI comes to the Board with AIM each quarter and a list of concerns is helpful for me. Dan.Ashton.MLA@leg.bc.ca and rgettens@rdos.bc.ca

Our RDOS communications team has started to put together monthly board meeting updates. Board agendas are often over 500 pages and meetings can last upwards of five or six hours. These updates provide a quick overview with links for more information.

Proposed Metal Storage Container Bylaws - Here is everything you need to know. For a quick overview, please see the PowerPoint presentation. This will come back to the Board on January 7. I like the direction we are heading. Curious to hear your thoughts on the draft amendment.

On December 16, there was a public information meeting on the early termination of land use contracts in Husula Heights.

Here is the background:

  • In 2014, the provincial government amended the Local Government Act in order that all remaining LUCs within British Columbia will automatically be terminated, and shall be deemed to be discharged from the title of the applicable parcel by June 30, 2024.

  • Rather than wait for the default termination date in 2024, the RDOS is able to terminate the Land Use Contract early provided it does so in accordance with the standard procedures for amending a land use bylaw (i.e. public hearing).

  • The benefits of the early termination process is that, rather than relying on existing rules, which may not adequately capture the provisions of the LUC, the Regional District Board has an opportunity to consider the introduction of zoning that may better reflect currently permitted uses and density.

This is pretty standard procedure. But, if you have any questions at all please call Cory at 250-490-4204 or email at clabrecque@rdos.bc.ca.

Christmas Tree Recycling information

RDOS Holiday hours

Happy Holidays everyone!

Stay safe and take care.




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