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Happy News! Sickle Point is Saved

If you had pledge to help save Sickle Point (and I know many many Area F citizens did), you would have received the following email last night.

Riley, Sickle Point has been saved from development!!

The Save Sickle Point Committee wanted you to be the first to hear this fantastic news and to thank you for your pledge, commitment and support towards saving Sickle Point for its natural values and thereby preserving the non-motorized status of the KVR trail.

As a result of the generosity and initiative of a Vancouver based family, who has fond memories of their summers in Kaleden, and your pledges Sickle Point has been saved from development. Skaha Lake’s last intact wetland has been purchased with the unified vision for long term conservation.

Let's restore the past into our future...


Within the next few days, the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan-Similkameen will be reaching out with information about how to proceed with your pledge becoming a donation. As you know, a tax receipt will be provided for your donation.

Next, a strategic plan for restoration and rehabilitation, of the property's damaged areas that was caused by previous owners, will be undertaken to enhance wildlife values. We will work towards establishing a 'self sustaining' endowment fund with a land trust to ensure that Sickle Point will be cared for, and well managed for its natural values, well into the future.

This is a great day for everyone and the environment. It would not have happened without your pledge and commitment and willingness to write letters to government ministers, letters to editors, signing petitions, putting up posters and green ribbons and sharing information with family and friends.

Thank you again for your commitment to conserving Sickle Point. We can all be very proud of this legacy. Save Sickle Point Committee

High fives all around and a special thank you to the Save Sickle Point Committee, Penticton Indian Band, CFSO and Director Monteith! Thank you for not giving up on your vision! Thank you generous Vancouver family. What a special gift you have provided to the entire valley and region.

If you want to help with the next steps for Sickle Point, connect with the CFSO. There is still work to be done to restore and rehabilitate the land.

It is a good day!



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