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KVR path from Newton to the trail.

I received a few emails recently around the crevices on the path leading from Newton Drive down to the KVR. I went to check it out myself. Thank you to whoever put the trees in the holes. With the recent snow cover, I suspect those holes could have been easily missed by trail users.

As you all know, the KVR does not belong to the RDOS. I understand that PIB wants the land returned by CP Rail in the same state that it was taken (sounds fair to me). This issue is between the PIB and CP Rail. I have asked RDOS staff to see if they can find an update but since it is not our property we don't really have any right to the information.

Regardless, residents and KVR users are left in limbo. We all love the trail and it is hard to see it deteriorate. The RDOS can not maintain or complete work on any property that does not belong to us without being invited to do so. We do have a standing offer to the PIB to enter into a maintenance agreement. However, until we are asked to the table to discuss further - there isn't anything that the RDOS can do.

However, the current state of the path from Newton Drive to the KVR looks like it is in part due to run off from past rain. I have forwarded the photos below to AIM and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to see if there is something we can do to mitigate the impact of stormwater run-off.

But, the water has to go somewhere.


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