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KVR - what is next?

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Like many of you, I consider the KVR a gem of the Okanagan. It is easy to imagine the potential of the KVR that runs through Sage Mesa and West Bench. Hikers, cyclists and horse enthusiasts enjoying safe and maintained trials, surrounded by pristine gullies and land - it would amazing.

The KVR trail has been (or will be shortly) fully transferred to the Penticton Indian Band in fee simple, which means the band has complete ownership of the land without any limitations or conditions. The land included in the trail transfer to the PIB starts south of Penticton (the Spur) to the Trout Creek area.

This return of PIB land has potential to unlock economic benefit for the PIB. In my mind, I can see a pretty unique tourism possibility for the PIB that ties into the KVR especially along the shores of Skaha Lake...with a trails north and south...but that is just my thought. We need to hear what the goals are for the PIB and see how we can best align our hopes for the KVR while supporting the PIB plans.

The KVR opportunity will be an area of focus for me if I am elected. I have experience working with the PIB and working with different governing bodies. I have successfully obtained provincial government partnership funding and along with community and provincial grants.
It can be exceptionally challenging moving forward when there is more than one governing body involved in a project but if done well, it can be a significant opportunity for each party involved. I know that I have the right skill set and experience to take this on.

I've had a few people already volunteer their names to help with a community committee around the KVR. I know with the right people at the table, some great things can be done.

The first time I saw these photos was on Director Brydon's blog. I think they were discovered by Mark Woods, the Community Services Manager at the RDOS. This is the trail just south of Bonin Park in West Bench.

Thanks for reading, and as always if you have any questions or comments to share - I'd love to hear from you.



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