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Large Item Collection - April 14

Acceptable items include furniture, large appliances (no hot water tanks), mattresses, gym equipment, and barbeques (hoses, tanks, and dripping trays with oil must be removed or are not accepted). Refrigeration units must not contain food. Check with local curbside collection calendars for more details on items collected in each community.

Schedule for 2022 Large Item Collection:

· April 8: Village of Keremeos, Area “B” and “G”

· April 11: Area “C” and Town of Oliver

· April 12: Area “A”

· April 13: Town of Osoyoos

· April 13: Area “D” and “I”

· April 14: Area “E”, “F” and Upper Carmi

· April 15: Town of Oliver (second date)

· April 19 - 23: City of Penticton

(on the day of your regular curbside collection)

Tips to ensure large item are collected

For safety reasons, fridges and freezers with locking doors must have the door removed and placed next to the unit prior to its collection. Pressurized fridge and freezer doors do not require removal. Mattress and box spring count as two separate items. The Town of Osoyoos curbside Large Item Collection Program does not accept appliances containing Freon (fridges, freezers, and air conditioning units).

Have your items are at the curb before 7:00 am on your collection day. If an item is not collected by the end of the day, leave a message with Waste Connections of Canada at 250-490-3888 (toll free 1-866-998-4888) or Be sure to include your address and contact information.

Items not accepted

Building materials, kitchen/bathroom cabinets or fixtures, doors, toilets, hot water tanks, electronics, carpets, gas or battery powered equipment, concrete blocks, hot tubs and lids, or other related materials. Contact the RDOS for information on recycling and safe disposal options for any of these materials. Any items weighing more than 90kg (200lbs) will not be collected.

Sign up for curbside weekly reminders, alerts, and calendars at

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