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Meeting with Fire Chief Watkinson

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Had a great meeting this week with Fire Chief Watkinson, Deputy Fire Chief Forster, and Regional District Community Services Manager Mark Woods to talk about fire safety for the Greater West Bench Area.

We brainstormed on a few long-term ideas. And while we face a few challenges, there are some fire preventative measures that as a community we can take on. So while RDOS staff puts together the needed details (costs, logistics, timeline etc.), the first recommendation from both Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief is for each resident to work on their own property.

"Adding a few FireSmart Actions to your regular yard work routine will reduce wildfire risk. Changes within 10 metres of your home will have the biggest impact".

The above quote is from a great booklet called Firesmart Homeowner's Manual which is available at both the RDOS office and theCity Fire Stations. It is also available online.

Fire-smarting Greater West Bench begins with property owners in what the book refers to as Zone 1. Zone 1 is the area that is within 10 meters of your home. Many of the suggestions for Zone 1 are do-able especially as we head into spring and many of us tackle yard maintenance.

FireSmart Rules of Thumb (page 7 in booklet)

  • Changes within 10 metres of your home will have the biggest impact.

  • Regularly clean up fallen branches, dry grass and needles from the ground.

  • Space trees at least 3 metres apart.

  • Prune tree branches within 2 metres of the ground.

There are more great ideas in the booklet.

Thanks again for reading and as always, please let me know if you have any questions.




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