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Question #3 - What are you going to do if you get elected?

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Photo credit: Community Speed-Watch, City of Vernon March, 2016

This is my favourite question from door-knocking because it almost always led to the best conversations. If elected, I will use my community engagement expertise along with my commitment to research to help our communities tackle some of the more complex issues we face as an Area. I also will commit my energy and drive to work on the small community improvements that often bring some of the biggest benefits.

Some of those small-improvement-big-benefit initiatives that I've looked into over the past few weeks include:

Citizen on Patrol

I've chatted with Sgt. Dellebuur from Citizens on Patrol.  He does have a group of Citizen on Patrol volunteers who patrol different parts of the City fairly regularly on Friday and Saturday nights.  However, it is a volunteer-driven initiative.  So it really depends on how many volunteers sign up.  I asked if we could add Greater West Bench to their drive-by list and he said, sure. So if that is something the community would like to pursue - we could.

He also reiterated that calling-in issues impacts where resources go.  Every two weeks, Senior RCMP management have a 'call-stat' meeting where they review calls and confirm 'hot-spots' based on call volume.  RCMP can't attend every call because of the priority-policing model.  So, if they don't respond to your call or send extra resources our way, it is because there are higher priorities elsewhere.  But keep calling because it is tracked.  

Community Speed-Watch

I also asked Sgt. Dellebuur about the opportunity to have a community speed-watch on West Bench Drive by the school and Selby Park. He said of course and that he would add us to the list. However, he also noted that this initiative is also volunteer driven. Right now he has about a dozen volunteers for both Citizens on Patrol and Speed-Watch. But with cooler weather it could take a bit of time. But, we are on the list.

If you want more info on volunteering with the RCMP please call 250-492-4300.

Okanagan Regional Library

At our house we pay around $105/year to the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) - which is a great resource. However, our closest branch is in Summerland. The Penticton Library is not part of the Okanagan Regional Library. I contacted Karla Kozakevich (Director for Area E) who also represents the RDOS on the Okanagan Regional Library Board to see if they have outreach opportunities for communities outside of Summerland. There are a some interesting opportunities that we can explore throughout Area F, if the communities are interested.

Complex Community Issues

One thing is certain from the OCP process - we have yet to come to a definitive agreement on some community issues and those issues certainly depend on where you live in Area F. I'm looking forward to some great discussion and sharing my thoughts at the forum on Thursday evening at West Bench Elementary.

Thank you,



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