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Remembrance Day in Selby Park

Like most things in 2020, Remembrance Day was different this year.

Last year, our family attended the service in Penticton. It was the first year my youngest marched in the parade as a Cadet; and, I was honoured to lay the wreath on behalf of the Regional District.

This year, we still purchased a wreath from the Legion (selling wreaths and poppies are the organization's primary fundraiser). Without the service at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre, we placed the wreath in Selby Park. Due to COVID restrictions, we couldn't invite the community. However, we were lucky that Sue Gibbens and her family were there. Many of you know Sue. She and her family are amazing stewards in Greater West Bench. Her father was an original homeowner in West Bench under the War Vet Community program. Sue lives in the same family home today.

Sue kindly laid the wreath, and together our families observed a moment of silence. It was lovely, and it felt like the right place to be and the right thing to do. Sue and I agreed that perhaps we should commemorate Remembrance Day at Selby Park as a community next year.

If you are interested in being part of a committee to help shape what the ceremony could look like, please email me. It would be great to have your insight on what the day could look like.

Thank you, and I hope this update finds you well.



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Dale Mckinnon
Nov 14, 2020

Why are politicizing what clearly should be. Lets not muddy the water like little Donny

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