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Thank you!

For your support, your votes and your kind words! I am so excited to serve as your Director. I have spent the last few days just wrapping my head around this - thank you so very much. I also want to thank and acknowledge my fellow candidates, Rick Hatch, Leah Schulting and Ashly Jestin. Thank you for putting your name forward - you all ran a great race.

I have much work to do over the coming weeks and I can't wait. I've been in discussion with Director Brydon and we are going to work on a transition plan. He has been kind enough to offer his time to introduce me to some fellow Area F residents and RDOS staff to catch me up on current projects.

The first Board meeting and orientation takes place on November 15 and 16. November 15th is more of an orientation day followed by the fist meeting of the new Board at 3:30pm. At this time the new and acclaimed Directors will take their oath and assume their role and duties. On November 16th, orientation will continue with presentations from RDOS department heads and more information on the RDOS services and policies.

This coming Monday (October 29) I am attending a seminar with George Cuff on Good Governance and Council Orientation. Which sounds very interesting to me, a self-proclaimed governance/policy nerd.

Thanks again for reading and I'll keep you updated as we go.



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