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West Bench Water Rates - 2019

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

As you are no doubt aware, the City of Penticton raised water rates by 5.2%.  At the January Community Meeting, a resident ask for confirmation on how the contract with the City of Penticton works, specifically, are West Bench water users protected within the contract?

Within Section 3. Charges for Annual Consumption of 510,000 Cubic Meters or Less, the contract between the City of Penticton and RDOS states:  

“This [water] rate will increase throughout the [25 year] term of this Agreement by the same amount as the rates that would be applicable to residential customers within the City of Penticton.  The said rate increase will be calculated in dollars per cubic meter and capture increases to fixed and variable charges to City of Penticton residential customers…”

In my opinion, this is a well written contract and past Director Brydon, the Regional District staff and Board of the time did a great job.  It is a fair, reasonable and clear agreement for both parties. 

So, what does this mean for your water bill?

Prior to setting how West Bench residents would pay for the system and their water, the RDOS hired a consultant to do a rates study and then presented the options to the residents of West Bench.  The option chosen was the one where base rates covered operating expenses and the metered consumption usage covered the bulk water rates as set by the City. 

Base rates will increase to $195.77/quarter from $190.41/quarter in 2018.  Metered consumption rates will reflect the City of Penticton’s new rate of 0.37 per cubic meter for homes and the farm rate will be 0.19 per cubic meter.   The RDOS does not add a surplus to these rates. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments please let me know.

Take care,


Riley Gettens

Director of Electoral Area "F"


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