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Blue Bags No Longer Accepted after July 1.

Across British Columbia, blue or clear bags will no longer be accepted as recycling containers after July 1st, 2020. Residents in rural areas of the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) will be required to supply their own reusable containers. Blue boxes, repurposed garbage cans or large rolling carts can be used for recycling collection after July 1st .

In 2019, the RDOS conducted a survey asking residents if they would like the Regional District to supply carts or cans. The survey found close to half of respondents wanted to supply their own container for recycling. Rural RDOS residents can choose the type of container that works best for their property.

Blue boxes or garbage cans which collectors can lift by hand are acceptable recycling containers. Residents can also purchase or rent large rolling carts. Heavy rolling carts must have a bar halfway up the front side to allow collection trucks to lift the container off the ground.

The RDOS provides free RECYCLE ONLY and YARD WASTE ONLY stickers which residents can place on regular garbage cans or large rolling carts to identify them. The RDOS can mail these stickers to residents by request.

Currently, some municipalities are supplying large rolling carts which may cause confusion among rural residents. The RDOS will not be supplying or delivering carts to residents.

Please contact the RDOS if you have questions about the recycling program, or visit the Curbside Garbage and Recycling page on the RDOS website.

RDOS Solid Waste Group: 250-490-4129 or 1-877-610-3737.

Thanks for reading.

Riley Gettens

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