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Communication from AIM re: upcoming winter event.

AIM Roads is prepared for the upcoming winter event, 10-20 cms forecasted. We are fully staffed and prepared to fully deploy our crews. We have sub-contractors also ready to deploy. Our pits for sand applications are stocked. We have tow plows that are ready to be used on 4 lane highways. Please be aware and keep back from team plows and tow plows. Tow plows can engage their tow plows unexpectedly which moves the secondary plow into lanes beside the truck, this truck will plow two lanes at once. 


During winter weather events, storm routes are completed based on road class, Class A & B (highways) will be priority then Class C (bus routes) and then Class D (all other routes). It’s important to remember during storms and subsequent snow accumulation, we are required to ensure highway routes are up to specification. Class C & D roads may receive more snow accumulation before plowing is completed. Snow accumulation specifications for Class D roads is 15cm (5.93 inches), this means we may not be required to plow these routes until this much has accumulated. Typically, Class D roads receive service once the storm stops and we are in clean up mode. This is also when you will see additional passes or shoulder cleaning on other routes. If you are on a Class D Road (most residential roads), be prepared for accumulation that may not get cleared until after the storm stops and main roads are in specification.


In below freezing temperatures, the conditions may be slippery. Please SLOW DOWN, drive cautiously and to winter conditions. When amber lights are flashing, maintenance equipment is in “Winter Work Mode”. They require extra room to perform their necessary duties. DO NOT PASS plows on the right-hand side and keep at least 50m back from winter equipment performing maintenance.


Know Before You Go! Remember that conditions can change quickly so please first check for the most current road conditions and events. Continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #BCStorm. Monitor current weather forecasts and alerts:

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