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KVR Update (CP Rail) (Addition to Reserve)

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

2022 09 01 Update

I understand that the Additions to Reserve process is complete. The PIB knows that the RDOS is interested in a dialogue around the KVR trail that goes through Greater West Bench. It is important to remember this is not an RDOS or Area "F" conversation to lead.

I am looking forward to a more steady autumn so the RDOS and PIB can work towards partners on shared goals or priorities. I know how much GWB values the KVR trail, and I will report to the community as soon as I have any new information.


Nov. 12, 2021 Update:

I heard back from Canada Pacific's Director Indigenous Relations and Government Affairs who wrote:

Your phone call regarding the no trespass signs on CP property was forwarded to me for a response.

As you are likely aware, CP still owns the property you asked about. This past summer, concern was expressed to CP about the risk of trespassers on our property. We assessed the risk and determined that residents needed to be aware they were in fact on private property without authorization. As is a common practice in such situations, no trespassing signs were installed.

I did call and asked if there was any update on the transfer of the KVR to PIB. At this time, there is no update that can be shared. It sounds like there is discussion but since Area "F" is not a party to that discussion, we will have to wait. If I hear anything more, I will of course update the blog.



The assumption, not confirmed, is that Canadian Pacific could have instructions from their legal counsel or insurer to post signs to protect against liability. They could have had claims filed against them or it’s just part of their risk management program. I would assume that prosecution would be a last resort, and might better be interpreted as a “use at your own risk” warning.

The protracted “Addition to Reserve” process is still ongoing and this may also be an attempt to encourage Canada to move faster to take it off their hands.

However, I called the number and spoke to CP Rail and asked for an update. The fellow I talked to has forwarded my question to the CP Rail Real Estate team. Once I hear back I will update this post.

If you have any information to share, please let me.




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