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Garbage and Bears

I had the opportunity to ride-along with Zoe Kirk (RDOS Wildlife Special Projects Coordinator) last night as she toured the Greater West Bench area to tally up the number of garbage cans and recycling containers that were put out the night prior to the scheduled pick-up day. According to our bylaw, garbage and recycling containers cannot be placed on the curb until Thursday morning at 5:00 a.m.

More importantly, and as you likely know, there have been a number of bear sightings in the Greater West Bench lately. Our garbage/recycling is why the bears are sticking around. They are hungry and our garbage is an appealing and easy meal.

Please help us help the bears and do not place your garbage or recycling out the night before. It is just too tempting for wildlife and will inevitably lead to the animal being put down. Just as important, please keep your garbage secured during the week. This too is part of the bylaw.

If you do need to put your garbage out the night before then please contact the RDOS and purchase a bear-proof container. Otherwise, no garbage or recycling to the curb or outside unsecured until 5:00 am on the day of pick up - Thursdays. RDOS WildSafeBC will be checking frequently and will issue warning letters before repeat offenders are reported to the BC Conservation Officer Service who can issue Dangerous Wildlife Protection Orders. The RDOS has the ability to fine properties that do not comply but chooses to use education and partnership with the CO Service.

It was surprising to see how many containers were out last night. – 53 of 351 properties had placed garbage out early in contravention of the Bylaw.

It was also heartening to see long stretches of properties complying with the bylaw so thank you Area “F”, together we can do this.

More information will be coming from the RDOS.

Sincerely, Riley Gettens


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