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Happy New Year, Area "F"

Here is the link to the 2022 Budget as it stands at first reading. Every other page is blank due to a scanning issue.

If you look at page five, you will see Area F's budget in detail. The first section of the budget are regional initiatives or shared services. So, things like 911 Emergency, Environmental Conservation, Regional Trails, Electoral Are Planning, etc. This portion of the budget increased by 11%. The increase is primarily due to the increased cost of staff and contractors. It is the cost of running and maintaining the region.

The next section of the budget is titles 'Regional Director determines budget' which is a bit misleading. For some line items, like Rural Projects, I have influence. This is where I put aside contingency monies, travel expenses, contracts that are just for Area F. But most of this section consists of water systems, fire protection, parks commission. And, depending on where you live in Area F – the line item may or may not apply to you. Increase in this section is 1.04%.

The final section of requisitions from other multi-regional boards: Okanagan Basin Water Board, Okanagan Regional Library, and sterile insect release program. This section has a 2.94% increase.

Overall Area F is at a 3.56% increase over last year. Area F’s total requisition for 2022 is $1,430,116.

We still have second (February 17) and third reading is schedule for March 3. There is still lots of time for feedback or questions, so please reach out. or 250-488-0246

Link to all the 2022 budget files. See item D.1

Strategic Projects of Note:

Great West Bench Geotechnical Review – Feedback due Jan. 14, 2022.

Meadow Valley Aquifer Study - This is part of the zoning review<> that is underway for the Faulder Water System Area. This study should fill in some gaps and help inform zoning decisions. It will take some time, of course, to find a contractor and conduct the study but it is a priority project.

There has been no recent movement on the ESDP review.



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