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Meadow Valley Aquifer Study

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

2202 09 11 Update

The board voted in favour of the administrative recommendation

THAT Bylaw No. 2790.03, a bylaw to amend the Electoral Area “F” Official Community Plan (OCP); and, THAT Bylaw No. 2800.18 a bylaw to amend the Okanagan Valley Zoning Bylaw be amended to incorporate recommendations contained in the Meadow Valley Aquifer Study (2022) regarding use and density.

Which means that staff will begin the process of amending the OCP and zoning bylaw to reflect the recommendations provided by the most recent Meadow Valley Aquifer Study. There will be at least one Public Information Meeting on this. Stay tuned for dates.

Board Meeting Clip - click on the 'full video' option to watch the entire segment


2022 09 01 Update

The Faulder Zoning Review was put on hold in December 2021 to allow time for the Meadow Valley Aquifer Study to be complete.

The study is now complete and the board is looking to hear the Administration's recommendation from the study within the next few months.


2022 08 13

20220803 Meadow Valley Aquifer Study Presentation
Download PDF • 6.92MB

20220809 Meadow Valley Aquifer Study_Final
Download PDF • 26.04MB

Sharing the Meadow Valley Aquifer Study and presentation slides from the last board meeting. The board is waiting for administrative recommendations based on the study. With the ongoing wildfires, RDOS staff are also manning the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) so progress has been delayed. More information to come.

Thank you.



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