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Snow/ice Removal and Road Maintenance

Happy New Year all.

I have received several emails, calls, etc., about the need for road maintenance in Area F and wanted to share the following.

Greater West Bench is a rural area. In rural areas, the province provides road maintenance (including snow and ice removal).

Rural property owners will see a line item called ‘Provincial Rural Tax’ on their annual property tax bill. Taxpayers pay the 'Provincial Rural Tax' to the province (not the RDOS) for provincial services like road maintenance and snow/ice removal.

The (provincial) Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has hired AIM Roads to deliver road maintenance and snow/ice removal.

  • Your MLA (elected provincial representative) is Dan Ashton. His email is:

  • Link to Honorable Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure contact information.

  • AIM Roads can be reached at 1-866-222-4204.

Please let your provincial representative (the person elected to represent you at the provincial level, Dan Ashton), Minister Fleming, and/or AIM know if you are unhappy. Your voice as a citizen is important and needs to be heard by those with the most authority to make the change you seek.

If you cc me ( on emails to your MLA/Minister/AIM, I will represent citizens when the RDOS board meets quarterly with the Ministry; however, I can’t (nor can the RDOS) change how the service is delivered. To make that change, your MLA/Minister/AIM needs to hear from you.

Thanks. I wish I could provide more immediate support on this for Area F. However, the RDOS has no jurisdiction or authority over provincial services, including road maintenance and snow/ice removal.

Thank you,



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