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Soil Deposition Bylaw is now adopted.

The Greater West Bench soil deposition bylaw was adopted yesterday. Please visit the project page for more details. If you have specific questions, please email planning at or call the main office at 250-492-0237 and ask to speak to someone in planning.

In brief,

  • The bylaw applies to removing and depositing soil on all properties in Greater West Bench.

  • Property owners can remove or deposit up to 25 cubic metres per calendar year without applying for a permit.

  • A permit is required to remove or deposit up to 100 cubic metres for constructing a building, driveway, or pool. A permit application may be refused if the proposed removal or deposit of soil is not used for these purposes.

  • A bylaw amendment is required when a deposit or fill exceeds 100 cubic metres (e.g. major projects)

  • A bylaw amendment invokes discretionary approval of the Board.

    • The public will be notified of the bylaw amendment application.

    • The board may require a public information meeting.

Bylaw regulation:

It is the policy of the RDOS to rely primarily on written citizen complaints to enforce regulatory bylaws. The RDOS does not have bylaw enforcement on patrol (it is way too costly). Complaint form.

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