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Summertime and Crime

Last January Supt. De Jager joined us at our Community Meeting and stated that in rural areas smaller clusters of neighbours who watch out for one another tend to be more successful and sustainable than 'official' Block Watch organizations. He suggested establishing a watch with those who live across the street from you, beside you and behind you. Share phone numbers and let one another know when you will be away. Keep an eye out for one another and report anything suspicious to the RCMP.

Ensure your property is well-lit and your items are secured. The nature of the crime we are experiencing is primarily opportunity based. Thieves are looking for items that are easy to steal and then easy to trade/sell. The items do not have to be of high value.

There is a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment available through Community Policing if you are interested. Community Policing Coordinators Rick Dellebuur or Sharon Siluch can be reached by calling 250-490-2372.
Community Policing is also looking forward to hearing from anyone interested in volunteering for Citizens on Patrol or Speed Watch. These programs are already established and training is provided.

Our RCMP Liaison Officer, Cst. E.M. Vant Erve would like to remind residents not to keep valuables (esp wallets) in their unlocked vehicles. Also with rising fuel prices, theft of gas from vehicles has also increased.

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Riley Gettens
Riley Gettens
Jun 23, 2019

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