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Update: Illegal Dumping + Summerland Landfill

At the last Faulder/Meadow Valley meeting we heard two complaints regarding the Summerland Sanitary Landfill.

The first complaint is that Summerland doesn’t waive the tipping fees for illegally dumped materials.  We have confirmed that the Summerland Landfill will accept the waste at no charge with verification and pre-approval. More info here.

The second complaint was that Summerland was rejecting residents from Faulder taking domestic wastes to the landfill.  Below is the response from Summerland Sanitary Landfill.

The SSL accepts all waste from Faulder (all of Area ‘F’). We do not accept waste from Peachland or Penticton. We do require some waste source of documentation for anyone to enter the landfill, such as a driver’s license or letter with an address on it that show the waste material is originating from within our service area.

For more information please see visit the SSL website. Thank you to RDOS staff who followed up on this for us. Thank you to the residents who brought this forward at the last community check-in.


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