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Vehicle Count for Bartlett and West Bench Drives.

Hi all,

I asked MOTI to conduct a vehicle count to see if Bartlett Drive could be reclassified to access more responsive or frequent maintenance. Turns out, Bartlett Drive does qualify to be reclassified from its current Class 4 to a Class 3 which translates into a decrease in response time for most summer maintenance activities. The example provided to me, “...a pothole on the traveled lane has a response time of two days for Class 3 road vs a three day response for a Class 4 road.”

MOTI also did a count on West Bench Drive. We have been asking for speed mitigation for quite some time (especially in front of school and Selby Park) which is something that MOTI will not do. Here’s an old post about that.

I found the results interesting and have shared them here.

Bartlett Drive

  • The counter was located between Vedette and Veteran.

  • My jaw hit the floor at the max speed as well.

  • Average speed was not too much of a surprise.

  • ADT = Average Daily Total

  • Keep in mind, Nov. 11 is a statutory holiday.

  • Truck %: 9% of 20422 = 1838 or 262/day

West Bench Drive

  • The counter was located just north of Selbey Park at West Bench Drive and Johnathan. The counter was not in the playground zone.

  • Take the truck percentage with a grain of salt. At 18 metres, the vehicle detected could be a truck and RV not necessarily a hauler.

  • I live on West Bench Drive so, unfortunately, was not surprised by the recorded max speed but pleased to read the average speed.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and I can see what I can find out. Keep in mind the the Regional District does not have authority over MOTI or the maintenance contractor, AIM. If you have a maintenance concern, please connect with AIM. If you want to know more about the maintenance contracts and the classifications, here is a link.

Thank you to MOTI for getting this done for us.

Cheers and hope you are all going well.


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