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Wild Fire Warning System - ready for lower West Bench and Sage Mesa members.

Updated: Sep 4

Sept.16 - grass fire above Husula and Sage Mesa. Most likely due to illegal camping (to be confirmed). Fire Chief Watkinson reached out to confirm that the fire is low intensity. If you are part of the auto-dial system, you would have received a message letting you know where the fire is.

Please, if you have not signed up to the auto-dial system, please do. The instructions are below.

July 9, 21 - update: for the e-transfer please use the password Fire (capital F, lower case i, r, e) Thx!

July 12, 2021 - update: if you live in Husula or Westview, please follow the instructions below but email Peter at peterlindelauf@gmail.com Thx!

Thank you to volunteers Kelly Arsenault and Gayle McIntaggart!

Thank you volunteer Husula/Westood Wild Fire Warning System (now in operation for its sixth fire season)!

If you live in Lower West Bench or Sage Mesa:

Lower West Bench and Sage Mesa are now invited to sign up for the auto-dial Wildfire Warning System.

HOW TO SIGN UP - Lower West Bench or Sage Mesa

Provide the following information to Kelly via email bcgirl407@gmail.com

Here is the way your information should be provided in your email to make it as easy as possible on the volunteers.

If you want the auto-alert delivered to your landline, provide the following:

  • LAST NAME (in capital letters)

  • 10 digit land line phone number.

If you want the alert delivered to your cell phone, provide the following:

  • LAST NAME (in capital letters)

  • FIRST NAME (in capital letters)

  • Address

  • 10 digit cell phone number.

  • Email address

To add a secondary cell phone, provide the following:

  • LAST NAME (in capital letters)

  • 10 digit phone cell number.


Each home that signs up is asked to donate $5.

  • Please e-transfer that donation to Kelly.

  • If you prefer to provide cash, please connect with Kelly to arrange a time to drop off the cash.

Here is how I provided my information to Kelly (thank you again, Kelly!). We don't have a landline so I provided the following:



2011 West Bench Drive






Once we have enough people signed up, Peter (founder) will send an email out to new members on how this system works.

Please share with neighbours (and ask them to follow the community blog).





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