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Area "F" Update

2022 Dec. 07

Soil Removal and Deposition Bylaw

Today you will receive a mail-out advising that the Public Information Meeting for Soil Deposition and Removal Bylaw for Greater West Bench will be on Thursday, January 12, at 7:00 pm. This bylaw will impact everyone who lives in Greater West Bench, including Sage Mesa. Please attend to learn more. Project information can be found here. Past posts on this issue can be found here and here.

Speed Mitigation discussion with Ministry of Transportation

As you know, the RDOS Chair and I met with Minister Fleming at the last UBCM to discuss my resolution around speed mitigation for rural residential roads. Read more here. Here is the report that I left with the Minister.

Traffic Calming
Download PDF • 2.02MB

The Chair, RDOS CAO, and I were invited to a follow-up meeting with MoTI's Engineering Services Executive Director, Kenedee Ludwar, to discuss further what can be done slow speeding in rural residential areas. The department is working on updating a framework for Safe Routes along BC's roadways. The framework would put more decision-making power into the hands of local traffic engineers, which would be great. Ms. Ludwar or a member of her team will be here in the spring to see what precisely can be done between Selby Park and West Bench Elementary.

2023 Budget Process is underway.

The new RDOS board has begun the budget review for 2023. The goal is to have first reading in early 2023. If you are interested in attending an Area F budget review presentation with the RD’s CFO, please let me know and we can book a community meeting in the new year. The draft budget and more information can be found here.

Bear Aware | Wildsafe Update

We will put together a committee to discuss Bear Aware and Wildsafe in the new year. This will continue the conversation from the Oct. 12 Wildsafe discussion.

Two citizens emailed me to share their concerns for citizen safety with the increased bear activity. They request that the Conservation Officers (COs) take action against the bears. The RDOS does not direct Conservation Officers. It is a provincial program through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. Here is a link for information on the program.

AIM Roads | 1866-222-4204 | Online Service Request

Thank you for logging service requests and complaints with AIM; having a list of citizen concerns is helpful when I follow up with MoTI. Also include our MLA, Dan Ashton, AIM/MoTI are provincially funded. Provincial taxing powers include personal and corporate taxes, consumption, and certain property taxes.

Regional Districts have to also tax citizens in order to provide services. If the RDOS fills the service gap left by AIM (MoTI), RDOS residents will pay twice, and none of us want that.

Mariposa Park Update

The perimeter path was to be completed this year. However, the early and significant snowfall pushed the work to the early spring 2023. This project will be costly, and staff have committed to seeking grant opportunities. But we will keep chipping away at it as we go. The project update is here.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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