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Area "F" Update - Summary with links.

Hi all,

I made some updates to past posts. Here is a summary with relevant links. Hope you are all well. As usual, please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

This conversation will recommence after the next election. In short, SD67 is considering selling the gravel parking pad next to West Bench Elementary. I and the RDOS Chair, RDOS Community Services Manager, and Chairs of the APC, PAC, and Age Friendly committees presented a proposal to the SD67 Board in May 2021. The idea is to build a stronger partnership between SD67/WBE and Area "F". This will be an essential conversation for Greater West Bench in 2022/23.

The conversation between the Sage Mesa Water System owner and the RDOS has been ongoing for many years. I can report that discussions are continuing and are very positive. The system owner (and representatives) and the RDOS have a shared understanding and goal.

I anticipate more news to come on this in the coming months.

The draft of this bylaw is now with the RDOS litigation team. This bylaw will likely involve at least one provincial Ministry making a complex regulation even more complicated. The board will be looking for a draft by the end of Q3 or in early Q4.

I understand that the Additions to Reserve process is complete. The PIB knows that the RDOS is interested in a dialogue around the KVR trail that goes through Greater West Bench. It is important to remember this is not an RDOS or Area "F" conversation to lead.

I am looking forward to a more predictable autumn (fingers crossed) so the RDOS and PIB can work towards partners on shared goals or priorities. I know how much GWB values the KVR trail, and I will report to the community as soon as I have any new information.

This is a MoTI study to advocate for improvement funding for the culvert in Sage Mesa. Hoping that the community and the RDOS can learn the study results in Q4 2022.

The Faulder Zoning Review was put on hold in December 2021 to allow time for the Meadow Valley Aquifer Study to be complete. The aquifer study is now complete, and the board is looking to hear the Administration's recommendation from the study within the next few months.

Two citizens informed me that they were unaware of the pool prohibition recommendation from Geotechnical Studies. This is my email explaining the citizen engagement process on this. 


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